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Specialized Childrens Eyeware

Purchasing glasses for yourself, as an adult, is a confusing and overwhelming process. When you’re a parent and need to choose eyewear for your child, it’s even more so, and most optical stores aren’t sufficiently trained to fit the frames to the child’s smaller face. You need to find an optical store that carries specialty children’s eyewear.

Dallas Youth Optical in Plano, Texas has the experience and professional expertise to perfectly fit glasses to your child’s face and personality. For specialty children’s eyewear, come to us.

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Childrens Frames

If your child needs glasses, you might be worried about finding the right pair that they will wear and that will fit them correctly. One of your first choices is whether you want metal or plastic. Both types of frames have pros and cons, so you should work with your optician, optometrist, and your child so that their glasses fit their needs and lifestyle.

Our experts have the experience to find eyewear that fits your child that they will enjoy wearing.

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Childrens Safety Frames

Even if your child doesn’t require prescription eyeglasses, experts agree that eye injuries could be prevented by wearing safety glasses during sports activities. Prevent Blindness America reports that of approximately 40,000 sports-related eye injuries that require emergency room care, probably 90% of them could be prevented with protective eyewear, like children’s safety frames. Regular eyeglasses just won’t provide enough protection during fast-paced sports.

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